LSD in Silicon Valley

From How California's tech entrepreneurs are turning to LSD for inspiration. Ed Butler speaks to George Burke, a Silicon Valley worker who takes small doses of the drug to help him work more productively - a practice called microdosing. He hears from Professor David Nutt at Imperial College London - one of the few people doing scientific research into LSD. And veteran Silicon Valley journalist Mike Malone explains why this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tech firms and the limits of the mind and body.

Life, Interrupted

From What price do we pay for the constant interruptions we get from our phones and computers? And is there a better way to handle distraction? In this week's Radio Replay we bring you a favorite conversation with the computer scientist Cal Newport. Plus, Shankar gets electrodes strapped to his head to test a high-tech solution to interruptions.

The future of humanity and technology - Stephen Fry

From Stephen Fry, actor, comedian, journalist, author, tech enthusiast and polymath delivered his Shannon lecture "The future of humanity and technology". With over 150 film, TV, and audio performances and over 20 written works, as well as over 12 million Twitter followers, Fry’s wit and wisdom have been read, seen or heard around the globe over multiple generations.

Fry explores the impact on humanity of emergent technologies and, in classic Bell Labs style, looks back at human history to understand the present and the future. He will outline how humans have adapted to revolutionary changes in all aspects of life over the past millennia, and uses this as a basis for conjecture about the future of human existence in the machine or industrial internet age, and how best to navigate these murky technological and societal waters.


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