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Year Project Title Tech Type
2017 ICNAS Ambiguous and unambiguous plaid motion stimuli - Psychophysics Toolbox MATLAB, Psychophysics toolbox Code | Demo
2016 ICNAS Colour picker and data extractor from colour bar, colour map and heatmap plots MATLAB Code | Demo
2014 ICNAS Localizer: MT+, MST, MT proper - Psychophysics Toolbox MATLAB, Psychophysics toolbox Demo
2013 HANDLE Human demonstration - dexterous manipulation of a lab pipette MATLAB Code | Data | Demo
2013 PhD DRC and Gazebo ROS packages: initial tests C++, ROS Demo
2013 HANDLE Instrumented Rubik cube: touch data visualization tool C++, OpenGL, CAN bus Code | Demo
2012 HANDLE Mapping between different kinematic structures without absolute positioning during operation Data | Demo
2012 HANDLE Action gist based automatic segmentation for periodic in-hand manipulation movement learning Data | Demo
2010 HANDLE Eye tracking demonstration in manipulation tasks Demo
2010 HANDLE Multi-sensor based segmentation of human manipulation tasks Demo | Dataset
2010 PhD Reconstruction of octrees from 3D point cloud C++, OpenGL Code | Demo | Dataset
2009 PROMETHEUS Human body and hand: kinematic structure analysis in a 3D environment Python, Vizard Code | Demo
2009 HANDLE Polhemus Liberty hand movement tracking C++ Demo
2009 HANDLE MATLAB importDatasetTB toolbox MATLAB, Java Code
2008 M.Sc. Towards Personalized Neural Networks for Epileptic Seizure Prediction MATLAB Code | Demo
2008 M.Sc. (Medical equipment - Computer) communication - MECIF protocol Java Code | Demo
2008 M.Sc. OCR optical character recognition using neural networks MATLAB Code | Demo
2008 M.Sc. Determination of heart rate from ECG data MATLAB Code | Demo
2008 M.Sc. DICOM data extraction and display Java Code | Demo
2008 M.Sc. HL7 Health Level 7 message parser MATLAB Code | Demo

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