Determination of heart rate from ECG data


- To develop a software tool that automatically determines the average heart rate from a ECG (human electrocardiogram) data.


- Software tool that provides a graphical user interface to select the ECG dataset. The software tool allows the users to select by the determination of the average heart rate of the dataset or alternatively the ECG data can be displayed live and the heart rate determined in real-time as the ECG data is displayed.

- The algorithm used to determine the heart rate from ECG data explores the structure of a typical ECG, specifically the QRS complex. The algorithm automatically detects the R peaks of the ECG and the R-R time intervals to determines the heart rate.

- Software tool (with graphical user interface) programmed in MATLAB. The MATLAB source code and documentation of the application is available in Github. A video demonstrating the software tool is presented next:

- Software tool developed in collaboration with Joao Duarte and Edite Figueiras during the Medical Informatics course.