Instrumented Rubik cube: touch data visualization tool


- The instrumented Rubik cube has been developed by the HANDLE partner SHADOW robot company Ltd.

- The instrumented Rubik cube is a 1:1 electronic replica of a standard Rubik cube augmented with 6 tri-axial accelerometers (one per side of the cube) and 54 tactile sensing elements (9 per side of the cube).

- To develop a tool for live visualization of the touch data sensed by the instrumented Rubik cube.


- Interactive and intuitive visualization tool of the touch data of the instrumented Rubik cube. The software tool was developed in C++ (Linux environment). The avatar of the Rubik cube was implemented using the C++ OpenGL/GLUT library. The tool allows the real-time visualization of the variation of the contact intensity. The cube can be rotated using the keyboard. The communication with the instrumented Rubik cube is based in a CAN bus message based protocol.

- The C++ code implementing the visualization tool (including the live data acquisition from the instrumented cube) is available in Github. Demonstration videos of a subject interacting with the Rubik cube are presented next.