(Medical equipment - Computer) communication - MECIF protocol


- The MECIF Protocol (Medical Computer Interface Protocol), is a rare communications protocol originally developed by Hewlett-Packard to allow external devices (e.g. computers) to communicate with certain Hewlett-Packard patient monitors. It is a client-server based protocol that uses a modified RS-232 cable to allow a client (e.g. a computer) to send commands to a server (e.g. patient monitor). The protocol can be used to retrieve vital data from patient monitors, such as ECG, blood pressure and heart-rate signals. (from Wikipedia).

- To develop a computer program to communicate with a Philips Medical Systems CMS (Component Monitoring System), using a RS-232 communication interface and the MECIF protocol messages specified by the manufacturer of the medical equipment.


- Software tool (with user interface) programmed in JAVA. The source code and documentation of the application is available in Github.

- The software tool is used to demonstrate the implementation of several messages of the MECIF protocol of the Philips Medical Systems CMS (Component Monitoring System), displaying the answers of the medical equipment. Videos demonstrating the software tool in operation are presented next:

- Software tool developed in collaboration with Joao Duarte and Edite Figueiras during the Medical Informatics course.