Polhemus Liberty hand movement tracking


- To implement a live demonstration of the capabilities of the Polhemus Liberty motion electromagnetic tracking system using a scenario related with dexterous manipulation tasks.


- Live demonstration of a subject performing dexterous manipulation of Rubik cube. A Polhemus Liberty sensor was attached to the Rubik cube. The rotation of the cube, acquired from the motion tracking sensor, is displayed live in a computer desktop.

- The implementation of the 3D virtual avatar of the Rubik cube is described and available here. A video demonstration is presented next:

- Some simple bottle displacement movements have also been performed. The bottle and the fingertips are instrumented with 6 Polhemus Liberty sensors. The motion data captured by the Polhemus Liberty tracker has been recorded and played offline using a small MATLAB code application integrating the importDatasetTB toolbox presented here. A video of the result is presented next: